About Us

The Founder

WOW ETHIOPIA TOURS is founded by Mr. Shimels Fentie and has more than nine years of professional work experience in different respected and large tour operation companies. After he used to work as an accountant, and finance/administration head for more than three years, he has been working also as a tour operator since October 2014. He has guided many tourists throughout Ethiopia. In this way he became well acquainted with the tour operating business in Ethiopia.

Wow Ethiopia Tours

The name of the company, WOW Ethiopia Tours, expresses how customers are amazed when they stand face-to-face with Ethiopia’s beautiful nature, culture and ancient sites.

The logo represents WOW Ethiopia Tours with the W in the middle. It furthermore has four corners, with a corner to the North, East, South and West. It stands for the knowledge of the company in knowing all regions of the country.

The slogan ‘Discover Africa’s hub of heritages’ refers to explore the center of amazing and marvelous heritages of Africa.


Becoming the most reputable and giant tour and travel company by offering a reliable, comfortable and timely tour and travel service across all the corners of Ethiopia and neighboring countries.


To offer diversified, quality travelling and recreation service for both international and domestic tourists. As much as possible this will be done in the respective languages of the customers, against a moderate price.


The objective of WOW Ethiopia Tours are to:

Provide an excellent travelling experience for customers.

Create a financially strong company, with highly qualified staff.

Play a vital role for the conservation and development of tourist destinations.

Contribute to the improvement of the living standard of the communities.


WOW Ethiopia Tours will offer Group and individual tours, Historical tours, Cultural tours, Bird watching tours, Trekking tours, Adventure tours, Safari tours, Festival tours, Botanical tours, City tours & excursions, Personal interest tours, Hotel booking, Air tickets and Car rental